Sue Coltman

I discovered a quietness of mind and a life with more joy and ease post-40 years of age and after years of self-discovery, self-development and self-help. Over-thinking my life and relationships was tiring and unfruitful – and I believed that I could be freer of doubt, insecurity and self-imposed restrictions – but I didn’t know it could be effortless and simple.
Uncovering an understanding of the only thing that ever stood between this longed-for life and me was wonderful – requiring no study, no analysis and best of all brought back fun, light heartedness and freedom.
For ten years I have shared this understanding widely in diverse settings and now my passion is for helping other women to realise their full potential and capacity for happiness, freedom and clarity of mind.

Sue Coltman: B.A.hons; PGCE, Three Principles Facilitator and Innate Wellbeing trainer
Sue lives with her husband and has four adult children and two grand-children