Gillian Fox

My name’s Gillian Fox, I’m a certified Clarity Coach, Three Principles Trainer & Facilitator, and the author of “Promise Me – A Personal Journey”.
I’ve been around long enough to have bumped into some of life’s most challenging aspects and have taken the path of personal and spiritual development through yoga, meditation and I can’t tell you how many books and courses!
A few years ago I discovered the simple principles underlying our experience of life – and found out that I, like most other people, had been living from a misunderstanding of how life really works – furthermore, this misunderstanding was all that stood between me and a calmer, clearer and more enjoyable life.  What a relief!

When I glimpsed the profound nature of this understanding, and the possibilities it offered to humanity, it touched me very deeply.

Confirmation that innate well-being had always been available to me was, at the time, frustrating – how many years had I run the story of “not good enough, not clever enough,I need fixing” etc etc – then soon turned into a source of amusement as I realised I naturally went in and out of high and low moods and could rely on my self-righting inner compass to effortlessly bring me back on course!

In other words I was free to relax and rediscover how light-hearted and fun life could be at any moment.

Previously I’d found my own inner strength during a time of personal tragedy, yet I’d always had the feeling there was a wisdom inside me which guided me when I bothered to listen to it – you know – that “still, small voice”.  Now I knew that was always available to me.
I work with women who’ve been through a big life event that has challenged their equilibrium and well-being. Together we explore new ideas and perceptions through to insightful understanding of how we can always be OK, whatever is going on around us.
So it seemed a natural progression to join forces with Sue and co-create a membership foundation for women who want to have fun, find clarity and enjoy peace of mind.