February 8, 2017

Core Connective Resetting Workshop

Core Connective Resetting Workshop

Fitness For Your Brain and Body

Sunday 9th April 2017
10.00am – 4.00pm

Thatcher’s Arms Function Room, Hall Lane,

Mount Bures, Colchester CO8 5AT

Image 08-02-2017 at 15.24Frocks and Minds is delighted and excited to offer a ground-breaking, fun and interactive women’s workshop with neuro-development specialist, multi-award winning business woman and author Sue Cook BSc(Hons) Lic LCCH.

Sue will be joining us to talk about, and demonstrate, her new CORE programme – which can have long term health benefits for the mind, as well as muscles. 

We’re sure you’ll agree that as “women of a certain age” we’re always on the look out for ways to optimise our physical and mental fitness, and on hearing about Sue’s new programme we immediately asked her to come and share it with us!

You’ll discover how Sue developed her approach to wellness, along the science that informs it, and you get to try out first-hand the gentle exercise routine that helps maximize brain and body function – especially in later life!

‘Core-cr’ uses structured gentle exercise to not only maintain muscle strength, tone and joint flexibility, but also to optimises brain function by stimulating the balance areas, visual and processing apparatus – and all in a fun way…
In a nutshell, it has been shown to…

  • Create, maintain and restore your brain and body
  • Protect and optimise cognitive function
  • Feel younger and stronger

sue last pic

When Sue emphasised the anti-ageing potential of her course we naturally asked her to come along and tell you all about it –  and let you experience the exercises as part of the day’s fun! 

After all, what’s not to like – these exercises are specifically designed to bring maximum impact to your brain and your body.

We’ll let Sue explain why…

Many people do not realise the link between our body movement and our brain. This process starts in the womb when the movement of the foetus helps it to develop. From then on, every time we learn something new, new nerve pathways are created in the brain.

The same is true of movement. People who are less mobile or infirm, can naturally lose their “balance” pathways making them more likely to fall. 

To maintain good mobility and balance you need to exercise in certain ways. For example, using an exercise bike may help develop leg muscles and have cardiovascular benefits, but it won’t engage the parts of the brain responsible for certain types of balance and stability.

Exercise and movement has also long been recognised to be beneficial in tackling depression and other mental health issues. The CORE programme also helps our focus, mood and concentration levels.

The programme is suitable for everyone, from the fittest of young people to the elderly and less mobile. This fun programme keep the brain healthy too.” 

Sue will be also sharing her powerful story – which led to her “why” for developing her CORE-cr programme – so it’s going to be an action packed day…


What’s included:              

  • 09.45 Arrival
  • 10.00 Workshop session 
  • 11.00 Coffee break
  • 11.30 Exercise workshop (suitable clothing recommended)
  • 12.30 2-course Lunch (drinks extra)
  • 1.45 Workshop session 2 to include Q and A
  • 4.00 Close

The Thatcher’ Arms Function Room is large, well lit and has a fabulous and far reaching view of the countryside, so it’s an ideal space for this type of Workshop.  As we’ve also included a 2-course lunch in the ticket price you’ll enjoy a choice of freshly-cooked main course and pudding in the Restaurant.


We’re pleased to say we’ve kept the inclusive ticket price for this day’s event to a very reasonable £55.00.  To purchase your ticket all you need to do is to follow the link below and you’ll receive an acknowledgement from PayPal confirming your place…

Use Paypal’s secure link to purchase your ticket:-

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If you’ve got any questions or queries, drop us an email to connect@frocksandminds.com

Look forward to seeing you at the Workshop!

Sue and Gill


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p.s.  For more information you can pop over to Sue’s website www.core-cr.co.uk







Previous Workshops:-

Find Your Inner Voice

Join us on Saturday March 11th

10.00am to 4.00pm

The Thatchers Arms Function Room,

Hall Road, Mount Bures,

Colchester CO8 5AT


IMG_5777 - version 3

Image 08-02-2017 at 15.24

Frocks and Minds is delighted and privileged to offer a unique workshop with Lise Dandanell – singer, artist and transformative coach – who is flying in from Denmark to lead this event.

Lise works in a unique and intuitive way with groups and individuals, gently coaxing their inner voice from within bringing freedom from the self-imposed restrictions and barriers that too often inhibit living from the heart, such as…

  • Confidence
  • Self expression
  • Wellbeing
  • Communication
  • Public speaking

Your participation in this workshop offers a doorway to experiencing a new sense of ease and effortlessness.

As Lise says,

My intention is to help people to be in any situation in the very best way 
      without being disturbed by negative and limiting thoughts 

This magical and transformative workshop has the power to weave its spell on even the most timid, helping them to blossom and fully express themselves, as Lise creates a safe and loving space where you can relax, have fun and unleash your own unique inner voice.

Lise is able to help people very perceptively see through the place that stands in their own way, helping them to find their inner voice and surrender to the love within them, so it brings out the best in them.” Jack Pransky Ph.D

We are delighted that Lise has found time in her busy schedule to lead this workshop for us, and from personal experience we know just how special it is to work with her.


Timetable for the day:-

  • 10.00 a.m.    Arrival and welcome tea or coffee
  • 10.30 a.m.    Workshop session 1
  • 12.30 p.m.    Light lunch at the venue
  • 1.30   p.m.    Workshop session 2
  • 4.00   p.m.    Close

We’ve kept the fully inclusive ticket price for our “Find Your Inner Voice Workshop” to a very reasonable £75.00 per person, and suggest you secure your space quickly by clicking the “buy now” button below.

You’ll be sent a receipt for payment by Paypal.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Workshop,

Gill and Sue


p.s.  here’s the view from the Function Room…


View of the beautiful Stour valley from the  function room at the Thatchers Arms