December 2, 2016

FnM Days

Discovery Days

Frocks and Minds discovery days bring us together to enjoy exploring how state of mind is the single-most defining aspect of how our lives work. In the most relaxed and comfortable setting we dive into the mechanics of the mind but without the need for any counselling, rocket science or a bag of tools, strategies or practices.

You know that when something new ‘clicks’ for you it just makes perfect sense, whether it be a piece of new understanding, information or simply a new thought that didn’t occur to you before. We call it, the natural insights that lead to greater ease, clarity and results. And insights can be about anything in life that has felt a bit stuck and after which there generally comes a sense of relief and freedom – often laughter too.

As facilitators we keep it simple so you can benefit from our knowledge and experience in this field of emerging psychology. Through conversation, stories and examples we can enjoy feeling greater freedom and peace of mind emerge – which is our birthright – our natural state.

Activity Days

Frocks and Minds Activity days are set up to bring us together doing something that is enjoyable, challenging or just relaxing and refreshing.
Following our meet-ups and webinars you will be amongst friends and the feeling is sure to be warm and connected.

Some ideas we have include a series of interest days such as:

Walking: Talk and tea-shop stop
Pamper session: Talk and tea
Singing together: Talk and tea
Poetry reading: Talk and tea
Craft session: Talk and tea
Yoga introduction: Talk and tea
Meditation: Talk and tea
Dancing: Talk and tea
Days out: Talk and tea

(Or coffee of course!)

We will be guided by our members and create days that reflect shared interests.

We have many contacts who can provide specialist input in a wide variety of areas and whose contributions would be perfect for Frocks and Minds.

Everything we aim to bring to you is founded on a very special understanding of how state of mind impacts every aspect of our lives – in fact creates every aspect of our lives. So, as we informally share this information, you too will not only enjoy lovely times but also take away new insights that will have the potential to free your mind wherever you feel it would be helpful.